Clinical Software Development

Cloud computing based solutions and applications have been transforming clinical landscape. The cloud has the potential to provide clinical trial sponsors and CROs an incredible opportunity to improve services to their customers and the sites, to share information more easily than ever before, and to improve operation efficiency at the same time while lowering IT costs, providing a higher level of data security, providing 24*7 ready access and providing very high levels of control and Monitoring.

Ephicacy’s Clinical Software Development team is a team of highly skilled ruby-on-rails programmers, testing team, UI designers and DevOps programmers. They serve as an extended arm of the client’s software development team.

Our clients are involved in creating cloud-based applications for the clinical industry. The product involves three areas of interest – the Metadata repository (MDR), Clinical Data Repository (CDR) and the Statistical Computing Environment (SCE).

These applications are delivered in a secure Private Cloud that is designed to meet industry requirements for data protection, change control and compliance with regulations including US 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.