Technology Solutions

Healthcare industry has made significant progress in the last decade due to advances in computing technologies and cloud digitalization. The ability to gather real world evidence and analyse this data has changed the world of healthcare.

Ephicacy, a healthcare analytics company provides technology services with a focus of adding value to customers in an industry with evolving standards and periodic changes in the regulated environment. We operate in a world with evolving customer needs to meet changes in customer specific requirements.

An advancing world under constant technology transformation creates new application possibilities giving opportunities to focus on automation and process optimization, combined with the ability to customize solutions that are tailored for customer-specific environments. We have vast expertise in leading edge technologies making us a trusted partner to deliver technology solutions for diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics in the ever-expanding regulatory domain of healthcare.

A major technological breakthrough has been web-based applications hosted on the cloud. The cloud applications share information easily, improves operational efficiency, provides high data security at optimal costs. The cloud and virtualization technologies have potential to provide clinical trial sponsors, CROs and healthcare service providers an incredible opportunity to improve services to their end customers.

Ephicacy is well poised to utilise the cloud benefits for its customers’ advantage. Our services include technology services and solutions to clients in the entire gamut of healthcare analytics. The wide spectrum of data driven projects delivered by us, span multiple web-based technologies hosted on the private and public cloud.

Our technology development team supports and acts as extension to customers, product development initiatives in the clinical and healthcare domain. All services delivered at Ephicacy ensures high level of data protection that meets the rigorous industry standards. Agile methodologies in product development and risk management practice in the company facilitates our endeavour to achieve service excellence. The company is ISO 27001:2013 certified and our processes include change control and compliance with regulations such as US 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.