People Practices


However varied your business requirements are, we have flexible business model to accommodate it.


However complex your analytics requirements are, we have the capability to handle it.


However critical your delivery requirements are, we have quality processes to accomplish it.

Ephicacy believes that 'expertise' rather than hierarchy holds importance in this clinical domain area. Hence, employees, irrespective of their position in the organizational hierarchy, receive the similar working environments, benefits, travel allowances and entitlements. Criteria that determine incentives are uniformly applied to everyone. However, salaries may vary based on individual experience and performance.

Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are purely based on performance. With innovative HR practices enabling a high level of empowerment to its employees, Ephicacy has become a force to reckon with in the industry, when it comes to people practices.

"After working for more than 4 years in the US, I was initially skeptical about the work culture in India. I can now say that I made the right decision to join Ephicacy and it has been a thrilling ride so far! Exposure and learning in diverse functions has been immense. The company not only values and recognizes employee contribution, but also emphasizes on developing additional competencies".

Tyagrajan Swaminathan
(Previously with Myrexis Pharmaceuticals, USA)

Ephicacy's business practices are aligned to these core values.

Competence which is the ability of an employee translated into domain knowledge, behaviours; translation of these into excellence in the work that we deliver.

Commitment has to be in tune with our competency. Apart from displaying superior domain competence, display of unwavering commitment to our customers, organization and ourselves (manifested in our development) holds maximum value to us.

Contribution is all about concrete and measurable actions in terms of execution and result. With the right levels of competence and commitment in place, contribution is bound to happen.

Character is about the intractable attribute of oneself. We remain true to our codes of ethics and business conduct, in thoughts and actions.