Great Place to Work

Ephicacy is now a Great Place to Work

Ephicacy is certified as a Great Place to Work by the GPTW institute, India. We are extremely happy for the distinctive recognition during this difficult and challenging time.

What makes Ephicacy a Great Place to Work?

Building a great organization is about providing opportunity to our employees to grow and flourish. Our employees work in a conducive environment and it is the organization’s objective to help them manage their work-life balance, thus enhancing their well-being in physical, social, mental & spiritual health.

At Ephicacy, we believe if employees grow in competence and commitment, it will naturally contribute to organizational growth. With a culture of innovation and People First philosophy and with core value of reciprocity and mutuality, we surely are a Great Place to Work.

Who are we?

Ephicacy provides design and development of analytics products and services for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical research, and healthcare organizations worldwide.  We are a global company having its offices at Canada, India, and USA. All our employees work from home and our offices are used as a central meetup place.

What is Great Place to Work?

Great Place to Work® is the Global Authority in creating, sustaining, and recognizing High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ at workplaces. Every year, they partner more than 10,000 organizations across 60 countries and help them build a great work culture for their employees.